nibble is Like a
Digital Gamer Cafe

Promote Food. Get Orders.

Players are too immersed to even think about you.

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nibble overlays the gaming application.

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Traffic Will Pour Into Your Analytics

A Windows Utility Application

With Windows PC gamers owning 49% of the market*, we are confident choosing this platform for the launch. nibble runs as a utility app that overlays the entire system - including games.

Promotions and User Sign On

Users don't have to sign in to see your latest promotions, but they will miss out on tracking and reordering. With nibble, you can deploy regional and global promotions instantly.

Tracking and Reordering

Integrating user sign on with nibble enables core features for users. Tracking lets them see typical status updates such as 'Preparing', 'Delivering', and 'Delivered'. Reordering lets them quickly reorder past favorites with ease.

Our Mission

Maximizing traffic to restaurants while providing first-class convenience to gamers.

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